PA Young Democrats Congratulate Democratic Candidates


November 4, 2015

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PA Young Democrats Congratulate Democratic Candidates

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Young Democrats President Megan Winters released the following statement after last night's statewide Democratic victories.

"Last night proved something big: when Democrats work together, Democrats win. Yesterday our team of Pennsylvania Democrats – Judge David Wecht, Judge Christine Donohue, Judge Kevin Dougherty, Judge Alice Beck Dubow, and now Judge Michael Wojcik - swept the statewide judicial offices, showing that Pennsylvania is a blue state and we will continue to be in 2016 and beyond.

Thank you to every Young Democrat who worked or volunteered for a candidate on the ballot yesterday. It was your dedication – your phone calls, your money raised, your doors knocked – that brought us to both local and statewide victories. We need you to continue working for our Democrats to keep this momentum going.

I also want to congratulate the Young Democrats who appeared on the ballot yesterday. Pennsylvania is home to many newly elected Young Democrats serving in positions ranging from school board to countywide elected positions and so many offices in between. To those Young Democrats who ran unsuccessfully: do not give up. You are all the future of our great commonwealth.   

Thank you to our county chapters for your participation in our Days of Action and for your tireless dedication to turning out Democrats in your county. Your work propelled our statewide candidates to victory, and we must capitalize on these victories by recruiting new members to help us sweep Pennsylvania again in 2016.  

We will not rest with this victory. Today brings new challenges and new hurdles to overcome, but yesterday we proved that when Democrats work together as a team, challenges become opportunities, and hurdles become victories. Onto 2016."

The Pennsylvania Young Democrats are the official youth wing of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. For more information, visit



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